Wooden panel houses

In the basis of the wood panel houses are putting together of ready-made wooden constructions. Wooden frame creation consists of horizontal and vertical frames. In turn, partitions during the building process of the wooden panel house are filled with high-quality thermal insulation.

Two-sided wooden panel house wall decoration is optimal in case of energy consumption.

Before the material is delivered to the site, the finished wood panel houses structures are located in factories or warehouses and are not exposed to any adverse weather conditions beforehand, they do not need to be stored on the construction site because, as soon as they are delivered to the construction site, it immediately proceeds to assemble them.

A significant characteristic of wooden panel houses is that it is built into many layers, where each takes its own function:

  • The frame provides horizontal and vertical loads
  • A support eliminates wall bending
  • Plates are for anchorage and a fire risk
  • In turn, the material used for the insulation provides fire, sound and heat protection. Nowadays wooden panel houses building constructions are made the way, they could be steam permeable. The inner room wooden material panel works like the steam barrier and hermetic layer at the same time. This main advantage is that inner steam barrier – the film is not needed. It decreases costs and also provides a better inner climate. The wall can become dry at any moment, and preventive chemical wood protection is not required.
  • In terms of safety, work on the panel or modules is safer than on-site construction work. This does not mean less quality workforce, which means that employees are offered a safer environment for the same work. As wooden panel houses are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment, the end result is so qualitative that it is possible to construct hermetic houses, even passive houses, from the elements of prefabricated houses. Take a look at computer graphics, as it is mounted on the site of a wood panel house:
  • In case of protection, prefabricated housework in a factory with panels or modules is safer than building works on the spot. This does not mean less quality workforce, which means that employees are offered a safer environment for the same work. As prefabricated houses are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment, the end result is so high that it is possible to construct hermetic houses, even passive houses, from prefabricated building elements.
  • Main advantages of prefabricated houses:
  • Conducting simultaneously various works in a factory and in the construction site provides significant savings in using of resources;
  • Factory producing provides higher quality than full cycle building on the spot at the object;
  • Less building garbage;
  • Independence from the weather conditions and seasons;
  • An appropriate alternative to cases where local labor is not available.
  • Industrial production provides greater safety than construction.


  • the size of the produced product determines restrictions of the transportation – road width, bridge heights, traffic restrictions per day in designated city centers;
  • necessary police escort;
  • The maximum load of cranes and temporary pallets must be greater than the weight of the product;
  • mounting requires more precision than building everything entirely on one another;
  • the risk of mistakes in calculations and the production of mass production of inappropriate sizes before measuring at an object;
  • Sustainability depends on transport conditions and material on the construction site;
  • Industrial production requires constant and predictable demand panel house – a wooden frame folding house, characterized by durability, durability, energy efficiency and economy. The panel house is easy to install, work on the construction site is within a short period of time.

Wooden panel houses

Nowadays wooden carcass building constructions are made the way they would be not vapouring permeable. Inner panel of the wooden material works as the barrier for the vapor and the hermetic layer at the same time.

The main advantage of the construction is, that the inner barrier for the vapor – a film, is not needed.

It lowers costs and ensures a better inner room climate. The wall can dry in any time, so preventive chemical protection of the wood is not needed.

Wooden panel house – how fast is it possible to build it?

Details of the wooden panel house are light, that’s why for the installation there is no need for special equipment.

Each part of the house is possible to stick together with hands.

This work could be compared to carpenter’s work. It is possible to get any geometrical form for wooden panel houses,

it is possible to decorate them with any material.

Outer walls of the wooden panel house

Outer walls of the house should be strong and stable because they all in all are the protection of the house. They are put together during the building process. After walls are made, there are put in the insulation, then becomes the second layer and the wall is strengthened.

As the decoration of the wall, it is possible to use any decoration, it depends on the wish of the client.

For the building of the outer wall used materials:

  1. Gypsum cardboard. Thanks to all the good characteristics of the gypsum cardboard, it is great as a decoration material for the wood house ceiling, floor and walls. This is one of the best and often used materials in producing of wooden panel houses.
  2. Diffusion films. This film is used in places, where it is necessary to provide water impermeability – on the roof, ceiling, floor, walls. This is one of the main materials in building wooden panel houses’ walls and ceiling because it saves all the other materials from the vapor, air and soil gases. It is usually used after the insulation materials are made or between them.
  3. Mineral wool. Insulation with the mineral wool is one of the biggest materials when building wooden panel houses. It has a leading role in case of saving the construction in a good condition for a long time.

Using wooden panel house constructions

Thanks to flexibility, wooden carcass constructions are suitable both for one family house and for bigger building projects.

By using building process like this, it is possible to build:

  • Living buildings, for example, one family’s house, two floor or row houses, as well as multi-storey residential buildings.
  • Public buildings, for example, different centers of interests, schools, sports halls, and swimming pools.
  • Commercial buildings, for example, exhibition buildings, office buildings, stocks, and factories.

Wooden carcass structures are also used in mixed construction buildings, for example, adding additional living space to existing buildings, as well as mixed structures used in multi-storey residential buildings or administrative buildings. An example of a mixed design can be found here:

Thanks to the rule of the dry building, wooden panel houses in comparison to block and masonry houses is possible to build in any time and in any weather conditions. When panels are produced, they are, according to the plan, transported by cars accordingly to unloading/assembling and carefully strengthened. Wooden panel house mounting process is 1-3 days, depending on the project, 2 till 3 mounting specialists doing mounting works.

Wooden panel house decoration.

When the house mounting process is finished, decoration works starts:

decking of the roof cover, decoration of the facade, the building of inner communications:

electricity, water, canalization, heat, inner finish decoration.

We offer you to watch the video, in which you can see, how proceeds wooden panel house building from the beginning till the end:

The construction of a wooden panel house may seem like a simple and almost every effort, but the assembly process must be trusted by a professional and certified workforce to prevent inappropriate handling of the perfectly crafted materials in the factory.

Despite the fact, that wooden panel house is not durable to the humidity, the main factor for the quality providing is technological resolutions, their match, and use, which will provide in the end a healthy and firm construction.

Wooden panel houses – modular houses building the most voluminous process happens in a factory. Take a look in a visualization, where the proceeding process has been shown.

Take a look at computer graphics, as it is mounted on the site of a wood panel house:

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Who said, that panel houses are uniform? Nope, their design depends on ideas, so take a look!