Wooden summer house

Summerhouse “Crocus”// Roominess: 44,05 m2// The project: northouse.lv

Wooden summer houses have been projected by thinking about comfortable living in a warm season, so it is built without an extra heating. Wooden summer houses can be larger or smaller wooden frame houses – suitable for both seasonal living and garden tools. The demand for houses has a distinctly seasonal character, especially when approaching the warm season, for the garden season. Summer cottages are a great holiday destination for city dwellers from their usual routine and work hubs, providing their own private holiday destination close to nature, with family, friends, and guests. Summer houses also often perform storage functions because they can store both garden items, sports equipment and things that would otherwise occupy a place in a dwelling house.

Residential cottages are, of course, more expensive than simply wooden cottages for storing tools. These are more spacious rooms, wooden frame houses with several rooms, which can be additionally sealed if there is a desire to live in them permanently. If the base area of the houses does not exceed 25 m2, they fall into the group of small cars, thus it is simpler to arrange the documents for putting into operation of the buildings. The price of a wooden frame in the summer house is also influenced by the properties and dimensions of the materials used. The thicker pine or spruce boards (28-50 mm thick boards are used in construction), because the cottage will be more expensive.

Although the summer house can be built on its own, with the help of skilled hands, many choose to save time and buy ready-made cottage projects. In addition, when ordering a customer, it is possible to make various changes to the finished project in order to adapt the wooden summer house to their desires. Houses are equipped with water, sewerage, and electricity. For example, Northouse offers a ready-made cottage project “Croсus”, designed especially for the rational use of the area.

A wooden summer cottage will provide a great place to relax in our unpredictable summer season in Latvia! A wooden cottage will guarantee a great rest, relaxation or, on the contrary, a filled party place. To create your own, personalized summer house, a great opportunity is to choose tailor-made projects for individuals. The light and cozy wooden summer houses will create the right atmosphere.

Wooden carcass summer houses are special with an easy construction, often it is also called as a garden house because it is planned to live there in summers when it is warm. There are all the communications in the houses like these. The only thing, what differs from wooden carcass weekend houses, is lee heat insulation.

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Nature, wild fields, freedom – things to be searched for the weekend the most. The wooden weekend house is able to include it all in one – natural materials will make a family closer to nature at any place. In case of design weekend house also lets to go out of the frame, take a look of an idea, where a house is built almost on the three.

The spacious windows and terraces of the holiday home offer a panoramic landscape around the house. Vacation house “Vindö”, Stockholm, Sweden. / / Architect: Max Holst Arkitektkontor // Photo: Hannes Söderlund, dezeen.com

A great idea in the world of design is to adapt the design of the cottage to the widest possible, maximum landscape enjoyment: (pictured below) a summer cottage designed by André Pihl in the archipelago of Sweden. The wooden frame cottage naturally fits into the surrounding landscape, as well as the widely used building material – wood – is used in Latvia. What gives the feeling of warmth, coziness and coziness that is vitally important to every inhabitant of the house.


The home design is designed to capture the panoramic views of the nearby Baltic Sea. // Architect Andre Pihl // Photo: dezeen.com