Eco houses

Eco house 

According to the definition, an Eco house is a house, which is projected to stay  minimum influence on the environment. Construction uses materials and technology that

minimizes CO2 emissions and consumes relatively little energy. The difference of the building process is, that, during the building process there are ecological materials in use.  Eco-friendly solutions are being used for choosing materials for wood, heat insulation and wooden parts. Eco house pays attention not only for natural material constructions and insulation questions but also tends to use maximum natural raw materials in the inner decoration, reducing oil products use. Ecology of the Ecohouse is possible to feel yet when coming inside, you will feel comfortable and nice.

Despite that, there is an opinion, that ecological house is that, which is built similarly, as, in recent times, primitive wooden buildings do not mean belonging to Eco houses group. Producing of natural materials is high quality and modern technology influenced result of the process. Traditional Eco house building methods are advanced, which lets to continue traditions and technical abilities. The building of the Eco house is a serious building branch, which slowly becomes popular in Latvia.

Initially, building an ecological wooden house from enough dry wooden materials and not letting the humidity access, gives a guarantee for the building, that there will be a good climate and air quality. The ecological house provides a great climate, giving a humidity to the dry environment, but in the wet environment – to take. For saving an ecological factor, in the building of the ecological wooden house construction, you have incorporated the appropriate ecological factor film and the joint sites should be sealed with a special tape.

Nowadays Eco house/ecological house has been building, as much as possible of hermetic – taking care of saving of the heat inside the house and reducing heating costs. At the same time, it also takes care about the environment – the less you spend fossil fuels, the more you spend renewable resources. That’s why significant is the factor, which has to be taken into an account in an Eco house – correct ventilation to provide the steam of the fresh air, the suitable level of humidity and comfortable living.

Since ancient times, ecological timber houses are being constructed using natural materials. Today, the tradition of building such houses is continuing but using higher quality materials, newer technologies  and technical capabilities. If a eco house is originally constructed from dry timber and the entry of moisture into structures is prevented, a good climate and air quality in the building will be provided. If indoor humidity increases, the wood absorbs it. In turn, if the indoor air becomes too dry, moisture is returned. In this way, the house is constantly provided with excellent microclimate. In order to preserve ecology, it is not advisable to build in films in the structures of a wooden frame dwelling house. If they are still used, then you need to select the appropriate film and the joints must be connected with a special tape. Already entering a frame house, you can feel the ecologically of a frame house. It is pleasant and comfortable to stay inside its premises.

To provide a concept of an Eco house, the house has to include all or a part of these points:

  • the level of thermal insulation has to be higher than normal;
  • impermeability of the air has to be higher than normal;
  • the daylight has to use maximum;
  • home window glazing should be facing south, maximizing solar heat and light;
  • have to provide an ability to save the sun heat;
  • Use as few glazing as possible on the north side so as not to cause unnecessary heat loss;
  • To provide a system of recuperation for taking back heat;
  • to use renewable resources for heating – ground heat, solar energy, biomass;
  • To use solar panels, wind turbines, etc. to obtain heating resources the “green” energy;
  • In the building process avoid to use PVC etc. by using natural materials;
  • To collect rainwater;
  • To establish a bio-toilet, allowing human feces to naturally turn into compost;
  • To use for the windows two or three layer glass for saving the heat inside the building;
  • To regulate a temperature with a geothermal heat, raising plants on the roof at the same time by providing the building with a sound insulation and producing oxygen;
  • to install a vegetable hollow, berry bushes to ensure a minimum amount of food.

Does nowadays eco house and the long-lasting house can be a luxury level density? Could it be a historical building and at the same time provide all the amenities? Eco house definitely does not mean an automatic belonging to asceticism design and minimalist style. Modern designers and architects can include all the client desires in an Eco house too.

The fact, that eco house is nature-friendly, definitely doesn’t mean that you have to abandon the former amenities or design preferences. On the contrary, dazzling beautiful buildings can be heated with ground heat pump, can be equipped with solar panels and a green roof. It is predicted, that at present nature-friendly technologies will be “in trend” for the future years. Historical building, building details companies at present are closer and closer to the “green design” production.

One of the “green design” renderings is long lasting and local material usage in the building of private houses. Despite that this method is as old as the process of building houses, it has proved, that it is a more nature-friendly method, than by transporting materials from further regions. At present an actual gas emission reducing question it is significant to reduce each CO2 emission index. It is a challenge for architects to create something new from the routine materials.

Nowadays luxury eco-house usually is also a “Smart house”, letting the owner and livers to regulate the house with a smart device, even when they are gone. All the devices, heating, electricity etc. communications are connected in one system, which can be automatically controlled, so the energy can be saved. This, of course, is an expensive ability for luxury houses, but everything is being purchased slowly.

By using all the able renewable natural resources, for heating are usable not only solar panels but also ground heat pump, which is nature-friendly, do not stay influence on the wooden carcass house outer and inner face. Of course, the system has to foresee a special density, but in case of design it does not disturbs to have a great show in a house.

Eco house is not only nature friendly construction, energy efficient and the use of energy-saving technology. It is possible to consolidate building near to nature – to live closer to nature in your own private density.

LED lighting development and technological opportunities create new and new design variations and manifestation types. Lightening, desired design, color and mood richness go hand in hand with an energy saving.  LED as a very energy efficient lightening resolution has inspired a company, Philips, to create a luminescent fabric  “Kvadrat Soft Cells“, which is able to change your mood in a moment. Take a look:

By the house garden, fruit tree rows and berry bushes now become a luxury index. Fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden have only positive features – nature-friendly lifestyle, CO2 reducing effect, producing of oxygen, partly product providing, non-chemical food, and fresh air, nice smell. In several occasions by the house gardens, the green background replaces skyscraper vertical gardens and balconies.

Sun energy panels are one of the most friendly energy making types because in the process the energy does not loose and CO2 do not appear. The time, when solar panels were only uniform, massive and not useful in case of design,  is gone. Nowadays also design-inspired and architecturally attractive, inspiring solar panels in various shapes and colors are provided.

Eco house can be built everywhere, even behind the Polar arc, take a look!

Eco House – the future of a wooden frame house. Let’s be closer to nature and cleaner environment with eco-house!

Since the first ecological home, built in 1979 in Eltham, London, has been a long time, then these years have accumulated great experience and knowledge in the construction of ecological homes.

Collecting the knowledge and research of the ecological house building provide maximum high-quality work and ready-made private house project demand. The different offer of the design resolution you can see here!

Eco houses are in different types and variations – in the type of the modular house, different decoration material usage, null emission house type or covered with a ground instead of the roof, maximum hermetically with wide usage of windows and solar energy collectors, green plant walls and roofs, equipped with a ground heat pump and rainwater collection and recycling system.